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Service and Support

Hubbard Systems is taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously. Our overriding aim is to continue to support our customers, their businesses and our suppliers, without jeopardising the health and safety of our own staff.

To comply with social distancing rules, Hubbard Systems will temporarily be unable to facilitate any onsite sales visits. Ice machines, spare parts, consumables and hygiene accessories will be available to order by phone or via email should you need us.

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Scotsman is renowned worldwide for its engineering innovation and efficiency using state-of-the-art technology that allows it to develop innovative new products as well as the upgrade of existing models, with constant attention to better performance, ease of use and maintenance and cost reduction.


Specifying a Scotsman ice maker is the first step to ensuring your customers have a reliable source of ice to meet their daily needs. Backed by comprehensive parts and labour warranties, optional extended warranties and a full UK held parts inventory and a nationwide contractor network.

Technical Assistance:

Tel: 01473 350021 (Mon-Fri / 9am to 5pm)

Spare Parts & Accessory Enquiries

Tel: 01473 350026 (Mon-Fri / 9am to 5pm)

Do you need a consumable or installation accessory for your Scotsman Ice Machine? Download our Accessories and Consumables List HERE >>>

Sanitary Wipes & Replacement Ice Scoops

Make sure your ice machine is used as hygienically as possible, never use anything other than a ice scoop to remove ice from the unit especially a glass or even worse… your hands!

Our Aqua Dose Wipes are specifically designed to clean and sanitise equipment used with potable water, preventing any chemical contamination which makes them perfect for ice machines.

If you’ve lost or damaged your ice scoop, we have a range of replacements to match your ice machine and for an extra layer of safety, why don’t you opt for the Saf-T-Scoop system?

Saf-t-ScoopAqua Dose WipesIce Scoops

Contact Hubbard Systems for more details and to place an order – 01473 350026

If you have an ice machine, you’ll need a water filter…

3M Water filtration

Hubbard Systems is a key partner of 3M Water Filtration Solutions, together we can provide you with the perfect water filtration system for your Scotsman Ice maker.

Key reasons you need a 3M water filter:

•Protect valuable equipment against limescale, reducing costly repairs, replacements, service callouts and preventing increased energy bills.

• Improve customer satisfaction and repeat business through consistent high quality beverages and food.

To order your replacement 3M water filters call:

01473 350026 or email

Scotsman Service Partners

If you’re an Authorised Hubbard Systems & Scotsman Ice Service provider, follow this link to access the Scotsman Parts Portal register your details to access Scotsman Ice Systems technical information, exploded diagrams and parts lists.

Hubbard Systems Dealer Compensation Scheme

Hubbard Systems and Scotsman Ice Systems operate a Dealer Compensation Scheme to cover costs associated with machine breakdowns or faults found on initial installation of new Scotsman equipment. For more information or to submit a claim, contact Hubbard Systems Technical Assistance on 01473 350021 or email

Hubbard Systems Dealer Compensation Scheme terms can be Downloaded HERE >>>  

Dealer Compensation Scheme

Scotsman Warranty Claims

Please contact Hubbard Systems Technical Assistance on 01473 350021 to submit any warranty claims.

Hubbard Systems Warranty Statement & Terms can be Downloaded HERE >>>

Hubbard Systems Warranty Statement

The Hubbard Systems Terms and Conditions of Sale can be found HERE >>>

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