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Nugget Ice Machines

Scotsman Nugget Ice

Nugget ice ‘cubes’ are incredibly versatile and, being made of compacted flake ice, are very fast to produce and in large volumes.

Scotsman MFN 56 Nugget Ice MachineNugget ice is fast becoming the ‘standard’ cube for a wide variety of operators who have multiple uses for their ice. The small compact Nuggets are ideal for chilling soft drinks in self-service and ‘bottomless drinks’ applications. They’re perfect for blending producing smooth, uniform smoothies in shorter blend times whilst reducing wear on your blender compared to harder types or ‘bagged’ ice.

Alongside high volume nugget and cubelet ice makers, Scotsman offers a variety of nugget and ice dispensers, such as the TC180 and NEW DXN machines which combine a compact footprint with high production rates.

Nugget ice cubes typically weigh 1.5g and measure 17.5x18mm.


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