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Scotsman Nugget Ice

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Nugget Ice Machines

Scotsman Nugget Ice

Nugget ice ‘cubes’ are incredibly versatile and, being made of compacted flake ice, are very fast to produce and in large volumes.

Scotsman MFN 56 Nugget Ice MachineNugget ice is fast becoming the ‘standard’ cube for a wide variety of operators who have multiple uses for their ice. The small compact Nuggets are ideal for chilling soft drinks in ‘bottomless drinks’ applications. They’re perfect for blending producing smooth, uniform smoothies in shorter blend times whilst reducing wear on your blender compared to harder types or ‘bagged’ ice.

Compressed flake ice formed in regular micro-cubes. Soft, chewable and a time-tested favourite for all types of beverages. Nugget ice also displaces more liquid than cubed ice, lowering syrup costs per cup.

The Nugget Series

Scotsman Nugget MachinesFeatures include:

Agion: the technology that makes products cleaner and longer lasting with built-in protection working 24/7 to resist the growth of microbes and the development of unpleasant odours.
Electronic control: ambient and water temperatures may change throughout the years but your ice machine will stay the same.
External indicator lights: keep ice machine’s operations under constant surveillance.
Plug-and-work technology: starts off and constantly produces ice thanks to a no-cycle harvesting system.
Water in / ice out concept (no cycles, zero water wastage): limits to almost zero excess energy, water and time wastage.

Scotsman Nugget ice machines are modular machines are available in a wide range of production capacities from 290 to 2000kg and any given 24 hour period. The modular design allows the MFN or N head units to be installed on a wide range of different storage bin options which vary in capacity and shape meaning there’s a production and storage capacity combination of every application.

‘SPLIT’ models operate with remote condenser refrigeration systems which require specialist installation. These systems reduce environmental issues as excess heat produced during ice production is released outside of the building and not back into the working environment making them perfect for operators who are limited on internal space or bars located in basements with limited ventilation.

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