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Dispensers and Water Coolers

Self-serve, hygienic dispensers can handle up to 200 serves at peak time…

Scotsman DXN Awards The new DXN ice and water dispensers will be the ‘go-to’ unit for many high street operators, leisure centres, sports clubs and institutions looking to offer self-serve drinks in their operations. There are two versions of the DXN units which offer a choice of ice output capacities whilst combining a hygienic, easy to use touch-pad control all in a  very compact tabletop design.

The largest model is the DXN 207 ice dispenser. It has a footprint just 427mm wide by 553mm deep and is 769mm high, yet can store 200 servings and makes up to 110kg of ice per day. Meanwhile the smaller DXN 107 can deliver 100 serves at peak times and make 72kg of ice per day. It has the same footprint as the DXN 207 but is only 619mm high. The ice serving is set at 50gm – but this can be adjusted if the site wants larger or smaller servings.

The Scotsman DXN is one of the winners of the Food Equipment Journal’s ‘Functionality’ Category in their annual ‘Foodservice Equipment of the Year Awards 2018’, find out more here >>>

The Scotsman DXN 207 is a finalist in Caterer’s Product Excellence Awards 2018, for more details click here >>>>

Both DXN models dispense cubelet ice, which minimises water use because of the way the ice cubes are made. By far the driest and hardest form of flake ice, cubelet ice is produced at just below zero degrees Celsius and is then compressed to remove excess residual water, reducing it to as low as 10% of its original volume. All of which means it is excellent for chilling drinks effectively.

The ’bottle friendly’ design of the dispense nozzles allows operators to re-fill reusable water bottles and glasses helping to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic within your business.

Download the Scotsman DXN Brochure >>>

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Cool refreshing water, all day every day…

Scotsman SCW148Installing Scotsman chilled water fountains will provide your staff, clients and customers with the essential hydration which people need to maintain good health and to work at their optimum.

The Scotsman SCW14B water fountain has an additional spout specifically designed to re-fill reusable water bottles which will help to encourage both visitors and staff members into using alternative containers, moving them away from disposable plastic bottles and cups.

Scotsman EcoX

The Scotsman EcoX Range of ice making equipment operate on either R290 (Propane) or R744 (Carbon Dioxide) natural refrigerants (model dependant) which have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) value of 3 or less making the Scotsman EcoX ice makers fully complaint with both current and forthcoming F-Gas regulations.

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