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Ice Dispensers and Water Coolers

Hygienic Ice Dispense Solutions from Scotsman…

TC180 – Self-serve, hygienic ice & water dispensers which can handle the busiest of peak times…

Scotsman TC180 Ice DispenserThe Scotsman TC180 ice and water dispensers are the perfect solution for busy bars, restaurants and food service outlets who serve ‘bottomless’ or ‘self-service’ soft drinks. The hands free, touch-less operation makes them easy for anyone to operate whilst maintaining high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. The cubelet ice produced by the TC180 has a large volume displacement relative to it’s weight which helps reduce drink product costs.

The TC180 produces cubelet ice and is available in two different ice storage sizes: ‘Short’ (SR) which has a ice storage capacity of 5kg or ‘Long Range’ (LR) which can hold up to 9kg of cubelet ice ready to serve.

Both versions are available with either push button, manual controls or with hands free ‘touch-less’ controls. The SR version is also available as a ‘ICE ONLY’ EVO option.

The touch-free operation of the Scotsman TC180 makes it ideal for the medical sector as the handling of ice is kept to the absolute minimum making it one of the most hygienic ice dispensing solutions on the market.

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DXN – The next generation of counter top ice dispensers, perfect for back bar applications!

The DXN series from Scotsman is a hygienic way to serve ice in bars, cafes and coffee shops without the ice ever coming in contact with containers or utensils before it’s dispensed into the glass. The ‘magic-eye’ sensor automatically dispenses refreshing nuggets of ice directly into the glass – NO scooping, NO ice wells, No cross contamination!

The stylish, modern design makes it perfect for both back bar applications and self service drinks stations. Available in two different storage capacities, there’s a DXN fro every application.

Scotsman DXG35 Ice dispenser DXG35 – Hygienic ice dispense for hotel guests

The DXG35, only from Scotsman, allows your guests to serve themselves gourmet supercube ice 24 hours a day at the touch of a button… There’s no unnecessary contact with the ice prior to the serve, reducing any chance of contamination as the ice drops directly into the guests ice bucket from the self-contained ice hopper.

The slimline design makes the DXG35 perfect for elevator lobbies and stair well areas. Allowing guests to serve themselves ice will also free up valuable time from waiting or concierge staff.

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Scotsman HD22 with MXG Head UnitScotsman HD-Series Ice Dispensing Bins

Turn a modular supercube or dice ice head unit into a hygienic touch free ice dispenser…

Originally designed for hotel and motel guests to self-serve their own ice into buckets, these machines are also excellent for behind the bar use in hotels, restaurants and pubs or anywhere where ice is supplied for drinks. When hygiene is foremost in people’s minds this is one way operators can offer reassurance to their customers of safe practice.

The Scotsman HD modular dispensers are designed to fit Scotsman supercube or dice ice machines such as the  MXG or NW. They have an electronic rotor located in the bin which breaks up and directs the ice through the dispensing chute into a storage bucket for serving to the customer. A simple ‘push’ chute activates the ice dispensing mechanism, eliminating the need for the operator to delve into the ice bin. This dramatically reduces the chances for ice contamination prior to serving.

Cool refreshing water, all day every day…

Scotsman SCW148Installing Scotsman chilled water fountains will provide your staff, clients and customers with the essential hydration which people need to maintain good health and to work at their optimum.

The Scotsman SCW14B water fountain has an additional spout specifically designed to re-fill reusable water bottles which will help to encourage both visitors and staff members into using alternative containers, moving them away from disposable plastic bottles and cups.

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