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Clean, green ice machine

Ultra-reliable modular Scotsman makes up to 35,000 cubes a day – and hygiene is a cinch

The Scotsman NW507 is the latest ‘green’ ice machine launched by Hubbard Systems.  A modular model, which sits on a separate ice bin, the NW507 is aimed at sites using high volumes of ice.  Part of Scotsman’s EcoX range, it combines simple, ultra-reliable operation with the R290 gas, which has minimal impact on the environment and is a very efficient refrigerant.  The ice machine also has a one touch cleaning system which saves time and simplifies the cleaning process, helping to tackle the thorny issue of ice hygiene.

The NW507 makes dice ice cubes and can be specified in a choice of three cube sizes: the large dice, which weighs in at 15g, the standard 10g dice cube, and the half dice, which weighs 6g.


Scotsman EF flake ice machine is easy to fit

Integral drain pump gives flexibility in siting.

Flake ice is widely used in the medical, laboratory and sports science sectors.  What these sectors share is the requirement for reliable supply of consistent ice that chills effectively and quickly.  Scotsman has relaunched its EF Series of dedicated flake icemakers with a choice of compact, self-contained machines offering production rates of up to 200kg every 24 hours.

The Scotsman range is distributed in the UK by ice maker specialist company Hubbard Systems.


Scotsman’s mighty MXG 400kg a day ice machine

High volume icemaker available on next day delivery for summer 2019

Hubbard has launched the latest in Scotsman’s MXG range of high volume, modular ice machines.  The MXG 938 is the biggest model in the range, producing up to 400kg of ice per day.  It’s bang on trend because the hospitality industry is using more ice than ever.  While undercounter machines are popular, their production capacity is limited, which is why more operators are considering larger, modular icemakers.  To keep up with demand, ice machines are being developed to produce more and more ice – hence the MXG 938.


Crush hour for Scotsman

New unit can turn ice cubes into crushed ice in seconds.

Hubbard Systems’ Crushman 360 is a unit designed to be operable with any Dice or Supercube ice machine in the Scotsman range. It can turn ice cubes into crushed ice granules, in seconds.

In recent years there has been a huge increase in the applications of different kinds of ice in the hospitality industry. It can be difficult for locations with limited space to justify having two ice machines, but the addition of a Crushman is a simple way to add flexibility and expand their offering by utilising a variety of ice types.


Cool cooler answers need for fresh, ‘green’ drinking water supply

Scotsman’s free-standing unit offers up to 50 litres of filtered, chilled water per hour.

The Scotsman SCW14B water cooler is now available from Hubbard Systems.  This stainless steel, free-standing unit can deliver up to 50 litres of filtered, chilled mains water per hour.  It’s easy to use, easy to clean and is pretty much maintenance-free.  Easy to install, it’s ideal for all sorts of sites, from schools to offices to leisure centres, and its simple lines will look cool in any setting.  Plus, it offers an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water.


Springtime for ice machines

The time to remember to clean your ice machine is now.

With holidays rapidly approaching and the media stories about contaminated ice still fresh in the mind, now is the time to take another look at your ice machine cleaning and maintenance schedule and make sure it’s fit for purpose.

While most people would consider maintaining hygiene as vitally important for the smooth running of any foodservice business, it is fairly easy to overlook the inner workings of the ice machine as part of the regular cleaning schedule.

However, the importance of keeping your ice machine clean cannot be overestimated. Putting in place a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule should keep the nasties out of your ice. Done correctly, it will not add much to your staff’s existing workload.

This schedule should be divided into three phases: daily tasks, monthly tasks and those done every six months.


EcoX anywhere: first green ice machines with wastewater pumps hit the market

Latest additions to Scotsman’s green range grants enormous flexibility in where they can be installed

Scotsman has added more models to its EcoX range, with new, greener versions of its EC icemakers joining the previously released variants of its market-leading ice machines.

The EcoX range uses only natural refrigerants and is fully compliant with current and forthcoming F-gas regulations. This gives them an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero and a Global Warming Potential of three or less.


Only the best superflake ice for Gigha Halibut’s organic operation

Scotsman helps keep sustainable fish farm’s freshest and finest catch of the day at its very best.

Nestled off the west coast of Scotland is the tiny, picturesque Hebridean island of Gigha. Less than 150 miles from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow, this little pocket of serenity was known as God’s Island by the Vikings.  It’s now home to one of the UK’s leading organic fish farming businesses, Gigha Halibut.

After more than 20 years researching and developing the most sustainable style of farming halibut, learning about the species’ life cycle and complicated rearing process, the company was established in 2006. Since its creation Gigha Halibut has honed its art, meticulously and humanely harvesting the flat fish, which take a full four years to mature on site.


Contaminated ice problem surfaces again

Bacteria levels “too high to count” in UK pub chains

The discovery of extremely contaminated ice in five of the UK’s leading pub chains by the BBC’s Watchdog programme once again highlights the vital importance of regular cleaning and maintenance for ice makers, says David Rees, marketing manager of HTG Trading, owners of Hubbard Systems which distributes Scotsman Ice machines in the UK.


EcoX Expands: Scotsman’s green collection is bolstered by new addition

Hubbard Systems launches eco-friendly MXG gourmet Supercube icemaker series

Scotsman has continued in its quest to develop a range of icemakers using only natural refrigerants by adding the MXG gourmet Supercube icemaker range to its EcoX collection. Available from Hubbard Systems, the range’s three models, the MXG 327, MXG 427 and MXG 437 fully comply with the F Gas Regulations, and have almost zero impact on both ozone depletion and global warming potential. They are modular units that have been designed to sit on top of a separate ice storage bin.


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