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Scotsman Ice News

Keeping Hospital Patients Cool and Hydrated

Scotsman compact ice dispenser is an easy solution for hospitals and care homes

Scotsman TC180 Ice DispenserIce plays a number of vital roles in medicine and care, with many hospitals and NHS trusts currently looking for ways to add ice production capability at ward level. The importance of guaranteeing an uncontaminated product in hospitals and care homes is paramount, but the system must also be simple to access.

The Scotsman TC180 is ideal for hospitals and care homes looking for a simple way to make ice while maintaining the highest hygienic standards. A compact counter top ice maker and dispenser designed for hands-free operation, it is capable of producing a maximum 120kg of cubelet ice every 24 hours. The standard model can hold 5kg of cubes, allowing for a constant supply of ice. It can be supplied as an ice dispenser or a combined ice/chilled water dispenser. (more…)

Look No Hands – Ice Hygiene gets a BOOST

Scotsman HD Series Ice Dispense BinsHubbard’s Scotsman HD ice dispenser introduces a further level of hygiene to ice servings

Getting ice from the machine’s storage container to the ice bucket for service is an area where lax hygiene standards can result in contamination. This is turn can lead to public health risks and loss of customer confidence. The Scotsman HD Series ice dispensers available from Hubbard Systems effectively eliminates this hazardous procedure.

Originally designed for hotel and motel guests to self-serve their own ice into buckets, these machines are also excellent for behind the bar use in hotels, restaurants and pubs or anywhere where ice is supplied for drinks. At present, when hygiene is foremost in people’s minds this is one way operators can offer reassurance to their customers of safe practice. (more…)

Flake Ice at the Forefront of the Fight Against Sickness

Flake ice is extremely useful for a variety of medical uses, from physio to scientific research

Scotsman Flake IceMany hospitals and NHS trusts rely on ice machines, like the Scotsman range from Hubbard, to maintain supplies of it.

Flake ice is the most natural form of ice Scotsman machines produce. Created at temperatures just below zero degrees Celsius, it comprises small granules of ice to clumped together to form flakes. This means large amounts can be produced quickly, and coupled with its ability to cool items rapidly it is ideal for medical and research applications. (more…)

Covid 19 update: Scotsman confirms supply of ice machine systems is unaffected

Market-leading manufacturer’s Italian and Chinese factories are working as normal.

Following the Italian government’s decision to lockdown the country, Scotsman has confirmed that all its staff are safe and well and that production at the factory is unaffected.

The lockdown restrictions still allow the population to go to work, and the factory is permitted to ship and deliver goods as usual.  The working environment in the Scotsman factory is a safe area due to its very strict sanitation procedures.  In addition, all finished products are disinfected before being despatched.


Keep cool at the London Coffee Festival

Scotsman and world champion barista team up to spread the word about iced coffee.

Scotsman and Hubbard Systems will be at the 2020 London Coffee Festival, taking place on April 2nd-5th. They will be running demonstrations explaining the different types of ice required to make the perfect cold brew and coffee-based cocktails. (more…)

Cold coffee inspirations

Scotsman’s latest publication offers ideas and recipes for cold coffee menus

Cold coffee-based drinks have been an increasingly important part of the cafe menu in recent years. Scotsman and the brand’s UK distributor, Hubbard Systems, have been working with top barista Michalis Dimitrakopoulos to investigate the best ice types for different recipes and coffees.  Which ice is best for blended drinks?  Which for iced espresso drinks?  And what about the increasingly popular cold brew coffee?


Great looking, blender-friendly ice from a compact machine:

Scotsman’s new NU icemaker is ideal for coffee shops

Hubbard says its latest Scotsman, the NU H 100, is ideal for coffee shops because it’s a compact undercounter machine producing attractive ice that looks great in iced coffees, but which is also kind to blender blades for blended drinks.  Plus, despite its compact size, the NU H 100 produces large quantities of ice and has a 20kg integral storage bin – so it can cope during busy periods with ease.


One icemaker to supply them all…

Hubbard launches Scotsman SIS ice storage and transport system for larger venues.

For big venues using a lot of ice, a single, high volume icemaker with an ice transport system can be the most cost effective solution.  It can also be the most flexible, since ice can be transported to wherever it’s needed.  Now Hubbard has launched the Scotsman SIS ice storage and transport system.  The system combines a storage bin, mounted on legs, and a shuttle cart, which sits below the bin and is used to move the ice to wherever it’s required.


Ice on tap for hotel guests

Scotsman’s DXG35 self-serve ice machine.

The Scotsman DXG35 was developed specifically for self-serve ice, for guests in hotels.  The latest version combines reliable performance with quiet operation – so it can be sited in hotel corridors alongside guest bedrooms.

“The demand for ice shows no sign of decreasing,” says David Rees, marketing manager of Hubbard Systems, which distributes Scotsman systems in the UK.  “As guests’ expectations rise, more hotels are feeling the need to offer self-serve ice machines.”


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