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Independently Tested to be Effective Against SARS-Cov-2!


XSafe - Proven to be effective against SARS-Cov-2 virusesWe are pleased to announce that XSafe, our revolutionary natural integrated cleaning system, has been proven to inactivate Covid 19 virus.

A recent study conducted by BCS Laboratories (USA) shows and certifies that the Ultraviolet Disinfection System at the heart of the XSafe system inactivates more than 99.999% of SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19) in less than one second.

Scotsman XSafe Kills SARS-CoV-2 Viruses

BCS Laboratories is an ISO/IEC 17025 certified USA-based laboratory, which is also accredited by several US institutions such as US Centres for Disease Control, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Agriculture, and the Florida Department of Health.

This very important study joins other official publications about XSafe technology, all demonstrating XSafe effectiveness on viruses and bacteria. (more…)

Scotsman launches XSafe retro-fit kit

New kit is compatible with all Scotsman icemakers, from compacts to high volume systems

Scotsman XSafe Retro-Fit KitWe’re excited to announce that we have now launched a kit allowing operators to retro-fit the XSafe sanitising system to existing Scotsman icemakers.

XSafe is now fitted as standard on most Scotsman machines.  The system is proving so popular that Scotsman has decided to develop the new retro-fit kit, so that existing customers could maximise the hygiene standards of their previously installed Scotsman models.

Make your current ice maker XSAFE!


It’s amazingly simple to serve hygienically clean ice – just stick to the rule of five

Periodically ice comes in for a bad press for hygiene reasons. At the moment, with the focus on staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene has shot to the top of the agenda, so expect ice hygiene to come under the spotlight again before long. We urges operators to stay ahead of the game and check out their ice hygiene procedures to make sure they don’t get caught out.

The first rule of ice hygiene is to keep the machine really, really clean. Recently, Scotsman has launched XSafe, a new system that sanitises the insides of icemakers, destroying 99% of bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses. XSafe is a totally natural sanitation system which is fully integrated inside the ice machine. It operates automatically 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep your ice making equipment clean and safe substantially reducing the formation of mould, mildew, yeast and slime within the machine. (more…)

Scotsman High Volume Modular Systems get the XSafe Treatment

24/7 sanitising technology covers both icemaker and storage bin

The ground breaking XSafe ice machine hygiene technology is now available on Scotsman modular icemaker setups.  Modular icemakers comprise an icemaker head sitting on top of a separate ice storage bin and are popular in sites that require high volumes of ice. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs and leisure centres.  A single XSafe system can sanitise both the head and the bin, working 24/7 to enhance hygiene.  XSafe significantly reduces the formation of mould, yeast, mildew, slime and odours and destroys bacteria and viruses – including Covid-19. (more…)

Safe Ice for Hospitals

XSafe from Scotsman protects ice makers from bacteria and viruses creating safe ice for hospitals

Hubbard Systems has launched XSafe. A new system that sanitises the insides of icemakers, destroying 99% of bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses. The Covid-19 pandemic has raised the importance of keeping ice production equipment hygienically clean in order to fight the spread of infections.  XSafe is a totally natural system which is fully integrated inside the ice machine.

XSafe uses the natural disinfectant power of UV light to help keep the interior of ice machines in peak hygienic condition. The UV converts oxygen into ozone, then the ozone is converted into activated oxygen. This activated oxygen is blown throughout the interior of the ice machine, attacking a wide spectrum of contaminants, including germs and bacteria. It does this by destroying the bonds in the molecules of the contaminating material, making them harmless. (more…)

The DXN cubelet ice dispenser is cleaner and greener

Scotsman DXN Ice DispenserThe Scotsman DXN 207 EcoX ice dispenser guarantees a safe ice supply

Hubbard Systems has launched a revised version of the Scotsman DXN 207 EcoX cubelet ice dispenser, designed to provide a reliable and attractive source of ice suitable for both front of house, including self-service, and back of house operation, with hygienic Magic Eye dispenser control and an efficient, green refrigerant.

Cubelet ice is a compressed form of flake ice. The ice making process removes residual water, reducing it to as little as 10% of its original volume. The end result is a dry and long lasting but chewable form of ice that is suitable for a wide range of purposes, from drinks to medical uses. The DXN range is a powerful but compact method of supplying large quantities of ice in a controlled, hygienic manner. (more…)

Certificates and window stickers help build consumer confidence…

XSafe-protected: Hubbard Systems launches ice hygiene certificate for hospitality venues

XSafe Window StickerHygiene has never been more critical.  And if there’s one area of foodservice hygiene that consumers are aware of, it’s ice.  Every year the media carries stories about problems with ice hygiene in pubs, fast food outlets or shops.  One of the issues is in the cleaning of the ice machines, which is why Hubbard Systems recently launched the Scotsman range of XSafe icemakers into the UK.  To back up the launch, Hubbard is offering all XSafe customers a certificate that they can display in their premises and a sticker for their window or door, confirming that the ice is XSafe-protected.  (more…)

The Hottest Trend in Hot Beverages is Cold Beverages…

Scotsman Supercube - perfect for cold brew coffee

Iced coffees are now part of the ‘hot’ beverage menu all year round.  For iced coffee you obviously need ice – and one of the biggest issues around ice machines and ice handling is hygiene.   Every year there are stories in the media about what’s been found on ice in pubs, coffee shops, fast food outlets and so on. (more…)

Super-hygienic Supercube Ice Makers

Hubbard launches EC and MXG ranges with XSafe technology 

Scotsman XSafe Ice MachineScotsman has added to its ultra-hygienic XSafe range with the launch of EC and MXG versions, both of which make supercube gourmet ice cubes.

EC models are undercounter machines with self-contained storage bins, offering production rates of from 25 to 145kg of ice per day. Their integral drain water pump means they are much easier to install than conventional undercounter machines.

The MXGs are modular machines designed to sit on top of an ice storage bin.  They offer production rates of from 152 to 400kg per day. (more…)

Introducing XSafe – Only from Scotsman!

XSafe activates the power of oxygen to keep ice machines cleaner longer

Scotsman XSafe Flaked Ice MachineInnovative UV-based system provides chemical-free disinfection to Scotsman ice machines

Hubbard has launched XSafe, an innovative new system for Scotsman ice machines that destroys viruses and bacteria as well as significantly reducing the formation of mould, yeast, mildew, slime and odours.  XSafe will be a standard feature on most Scotsman ice machine ranges.

XSafe will eradicate airborne viruses such as Covid-19.  (more…)

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