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Only the best superflake ice for Gigha Halibut’s organic operation

Scotsman helps keep sustainable fish farm’s freshest and finest catch of the day at its very best.

Nestled off the west coast of Scotland is the tiny, picturesque Hebridean island of Gigha. Less than 150 miles from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow, this little pocket of serenity was known as God’s Island by the Vikings.  It’s now home to one of the UK’s leading organic fish farming businesses, Gigha Halibut.

After more than 20 years researching and developing the most sustainable style of farming halibut, learning about the species’ life cycle and complicated rearing process, the company was established in 2006. Since its creation Gigha Halibut has honed its art, meticulously and humanely harvesting the flat fish, which take a full four years to mature on site.


Contaminated ice problem surfaces again

Bacteria levels “too high to count” in UK pub chains

The discovery of extremely contaminated ice in five of the UK’s leading pub chains by the BBC’s Watchdog programme once again highlights the vital importance of regular cleaning and maintenance for ice makers, says David Rees, marketing manager of HTG Trading, owners of Hubbard Systems which distributes Scotsman Ice machines in the UK.


EcoX Expands: Scotsman’s green collection is bolstered by new addition

Hubbard Systems launches eco-friendly MXG gourmet Supercube icemaker series

Scotsman has continued in its quest to develop a range of icemakers using only natural refrigerants by adding the MXG gourmet Supercube icemaker range to its EcoX collection. Available from Hubbard Systems, the range’s three models, the MXG 327, MXG 427 and MXG 437 fully comply with the F Gas Regulations, and have almost zero impact on both ozone depletion and global warming potential. They are modular units that have been designed to sit on top of a separate ice storage bin.


Keep the ice flowing during the run up to Christmas and into the New Year

No festive fretting about Christmas drinks Hubbard Systems has got it covered

The lead up to 25th December is one of the busiest periods of the year for bar staff, with countless Christmas parties taking prominence alongside an increase in general merriment and the number of revellers. Then there’s the New Year celebration. With this in mind, it’s crucial that ice machines are fully functional and up for the heavy workload. Don’t worry, Hubbard Systems, UK distributor for Scotsman icemakers, is here with essential advice for keeping everything running smoothly this Christmas.


Greening the planet with leftover ice cubes

Hubbard Systems shows how to utilise leftover ice cubes in a hygienic and environmentally friendly way

There’s often ice leftover in an ice maker’s storage bin when staff come to clean it. So what should be done with it after the machine’s been cleaned? Usually it’s chucked out which is an absolute waste, but it’s not hygienic to serve it in drinks. The ice experts at Hubbard Systems, the company that markets Scotsman ice machines in the UK, suggest an environmentally friendly solution – use excess ice cubes to water plants. (more…)

Scotsman brings a sense of cool control to a fiery world

Fire Service College improves hydration techniques thanks to chewable ice cubes 

Exposure to high temperatures and arduous activities during firefighting training can have effects on the human body due to raised core body temperatures.  For firefighters battling the blaze, or members of instructional staff supervising them, any type of relief from the heat can make a significant difference. One of the specialist institutions central to the development of making improvements to safety in these arduous conditions is the Fire Service College. The Cotswolds-based College is the home of firefighter development, with one of the world’s largest operational fire and rescue training facilities.


Greener ice: Scotsman EcoX offers variety of ice types as well as eco-friendly icemakers

Hubbard Systems says new range recognises demand for specific ice types

Scotsman has launched a range of icemakers that it says are not only amongst the most eco-friendly on the market, but also produce a wide choice of different ice types.  The EcoX range uses only natural refrigerants and complies fully with upcoming European Union F-Gas Regulations.   It includes machines making gourmet, dice and cubelet/nugget ice cubes, as well as flake and scale ice systems.  It also includes ice dispensers suitable for self-serve and bottomless drinks. (more…)

Big screen bacteria: ice in cinemas found to be unacceptably contaminated

Hubbard highlights the simple measures that could avoid similar cases


A report on BBC’s Watchdog programme has found high levels of bacteria in ice at three top cinema chains. In one instance, levels of bacteria were found to be 10,000 times higher than acceptable levels.


Hubbard Systems, which markets the Scotsman range of ice machines, says it’s vital the industry gets serious about cracking down on poor hygiene practices that lead to the issue.  “It’s obvious that the message isn’t getting through,” says Mark Stebbings, operations manager at Hubbard Systems.  “Every year for as long as I can remember similar issues have happened.  And every year ice machine suppliers point out the simple measures that need to be taken to sort it out.”


Scotsman’s new ice dispensers: compact tabletop footprint, massive capacity

Self-serve, hygienic dispensers can handle up to 200 serves at peak time

Hubbard Systems has launched two new ice dispensers from Scotsman.  The DXN models replace the company’s hugely popular TC180 dispenser, which is the go-to unit for many high street operators wanting to offer self-serve drinks.  The two DXN units offer a choice of capacities but both combine a hygienic, easy to use touchpad control, big production capacities and a very compact tabletop design.


The go-to guide on flake ice

All ice is ice, right?  Wrong.  Here’s the lowdown on FLAKE ICE from Hubbard, the ice experts. 

When it comes to unforgettable aromas, there’s nothing quite as bad as gone-off fish, meat or veg.  With the assistance of flake ice, it can be avoided. Used in product display units, food transportation and storage, and even hospitals and laboratories, there’s very little out there that’s better for keeping perishables fresher for longer.  As an added bonus, flake ice is great for mixing cocktails.


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