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Ice Machines for Hospitals

Hospitals, Hospices & Care Homes

Flaked IceFor therapy and refreshment in equal measure…

Flaked ice is the best choice for medical and therapeutic purposes. It’s ideal for cold packs and ice baths as the smooth, soft texture of the ice flakes won’t damage or disturb delicate and sensitive areas aiding rehabilitation and healing.

Cubelet IceEvery hospital, care home and hospice has a ward and wards have visitors. A Scotsman TC180 ice and water dispenser is the ideal refreshment solution for on-ward applications as it can dispense chilled water and cubelet ice completely hands-free. Eliminating cross-contamination between patients and visitors. The TC180 dispenser is completely self-contained and can serve up to 200 ice serving in quick succession.

Institutions which serve large numbers of people on a daily basis sometimes struggle keep refreshments cold prior to serving. The Gourmet SuperCube is the perfect ice for rapidly cooling drinks which haven’t been pre-chilled, the hard structure will drop the temperature of the liquid quickly without melting too quickly, limiting any dilution of the drink so the patient, visitor or customer gets a quality drink.

Dice IceIn satellite kitchen or serveries on wards, where space is usually at a premium, a self-contained Dice Ice machine could be the solution. Dice ice is made quickly so a smaller unit can produce a larger volume of ice throughout the day compared to other cube styles. Dice ice can come in three different cube sizes which provides great flexibility should the machine need to produce ice for multiple applications; cold drinks, ice baths etc.

Scotsman EcoX

The Scotsman EcoX Range of ice making equipment operate on either R290 (Propane) or R744 (Carbon Dioxide) natural refrigerants (model dependant) which have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) value of 3 or less making the Scotsman EcoX ice makers fully complaint with both current and forthcoming F-Gas regulations.

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