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What’s your ice type? Ice is just ice… Right?

Catering, Restaurants & Hotels

Restaurants – The Gourmet SuperCube is the perfect cube for premium drinks; the crystal clear ‘hard’ ice has a slow melt rate making’ it ideal for ‘on-the-rocks’ drinks as it won’t dilute them quickly. The Crushman360 ice crusher can turn 2kg of SuperCube ice into ice granules in only 20 seconds; ideal for special menu items like iced oysters and fish displays.

Catering – Dice ice is a great option for busy caterers. Dice Ice can be produced quickly and in large volumes. The flexible nature means it can be used for cooling foods during the production stages, easily crushed for use on ice displays and buffets or used simply to chill drinks and load ice buckets.

Hotels – Do you do room service? Why don’t you install a Scotsman DXG self-service supercube dispenser on each floor of your hotel? Add value to your customers stay while saving staff time by not having to deliver ice to rooms.

Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs

Ice is one of the most important components of a successful bar operation but its often over looked. Supercube Ice is perfect for rapidly cooling drinks which haven’t been pre-chilled. Dice Ice blends quickly making it perfect for blended cocktails. Alternatively Nugget Ice is the best choice for pubs and bars that offer free refills on soft drinks as the low density nuggets take up more space, reducing the amount of syrup being used.

Fisheries & Food Producers

Flake Ice is great for food manufactures, the fast cooling effect and quick melt makes it ideal for retarding yeasts in dough production or for creating cool water baths for washing fresh produce as the smooth texture of Flake Ice won’t damage delicate products. If you need an ice that lasts a little longer, then Scale Ice could be the choice for you. The flake like structure of scale ice holds less residual water and can stay colder for longer making it a great choice for packing products for transportation.

Supermarkets & Farmers Markets

Flake Ice is the ice you need… perfect for creating amazing ice display counters for showing of fresh produce in the best way possible. Scotsman has a range of Flaked ice makers; self-contained units for smaller markets or large modular machines for bigger, multi-display sites.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

A self-contained, self-service cubelet ice dispenser is the perfect addition to any education facility. Students can re-fill their own bottles reducing plastic waste whilst freeing up staff to do more important jobs.

Science & Medical

Whether your in medical research or on the front line, ice plays a key part in science and medical sectors. Flake Ice is the ideal medium for creating cold water baths for physiotherapy, packing transplant organs or rapidly chilling test tubes in the lab.

Hospitals, Hospices & Care Homes

Dice ice can be the most flexible ice choice for the healthcare sector. Dice machines come in a range of sizes; under counter self-contained units ideal for on ward servery areas or large modular units for central production facilities. Dice ice is ideal most applications from chilling drinks to iced water baths for therapy. Alternatively, a Scotsman TC180 touch-free ice and water dispenser could be the perfect, hygienic ice dispense solution…


Scotsman ice machines come is a huge variety of output capacities; Supercube machines which can produce up to 400kg every 24 hours through to Scale Ice machines which can create 2500kg every 24 hours. So whether you’re making ice to sell in bags or packing fish for market. Scotsman have the ice making equipment for you.

Scotsman EcoX

The Scotsman EcoX Range of ice making equipment operate on either R290 (Propane) or R744 (Carbon Dioxide) natural refrigerants (model dependant) which have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) value of 3 or less making the Scotsman EcoX ice makers fully complaint with both current and forthcoming F-Gas regulations.

If you would like some more information or to order your new machine, contact the Ice Experts at Hubbard Systems:

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