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Servicing Your Machine

All ice machines (except very tiny ones) need plumbing in to water and waste.

They will almost certainly need a water filter, too, to protect them from limescale build up. Filters last around six months and are easy to replace. As with all commercial equipment, you should look after your ice machine: follow the manufacturer’s maintenance routines and have it regularly serviced. Ice is classified as a food and regular cleaning will help ensure you comply with food hygiene regulations.

Based on how and where you install your ice machine, you may also need a pump, often referred to as a condensate pump.

This is to pump waste water from the bottom of the machine to your drains – it is essential if the machine is lower than the drain. An easy option with a self contained ice maker is the Scotsman Easy Fit, a machine with a pump built in.

If you do choose a machine that needs an external pump, bear in mind that you will also need a second power supply to run it.

When it comes to ice storage bins for Supercube or dice ice, you should be looking for half the capacity as storage.

In other words, for a machine that makes 40kg of ice per day you should have ice storage for around 20kg.

Larger venues often make their ice centrally and then move it to wherever it is needed. In this scenario you’ll need to consider transport systems, so you can move the ice easily from where it is made to where it is served, and storage bins, so that each location can cope with peak demand.

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