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Coffee Inspirations

Coffee Inspirations

At Scotsman we have a passion for coffee

Whatever style appeals to you – brewed, dripped, filtered, pressed, blended, shaken, stirred and more – we believe it should always be perfectly prepared and presented.

“I only use Scotsman ice, because it’s perfect for every occasion. They make really, really good ice. The quality and hardness is amazing for us baristas. Absolute clarity with no white colour, a low mineral count for purity and slow melting qualities ensure perfect results every time.” Michalis Dimitrakopoulos

Recognised as a point of excellence… Scotsman is an exclusive sponsor for World Coffee Events (WCE). We are a Gold Sponsor for the World Barista Championship (WBC) and the World Coffee in Good Spirits (WCIGS) as well as a dedicated participant of All Stars and major local and regional coffee events.


Cold Brew Coffee Tower1. Cold Brew Preparation

Tool: Cold Brew Tower

1 part Coffee

5 parts water

5 parts Gourmet SuperCube ICE

Serve in an Old Fashioned glass with XL Gourmet Supercube Ice


Chemex2. Cold Drip Preparation

Tool: Chemex

18g filter ground coffee

120g Brew Water at 93ºC

160g Medium Gourmet SuperCube ICE in the bottom of the Chemex

Put the Medium Gourmet Ice cubes on the bottom of the Chemex. Moisten the paper filter with warm water, then put the coffee on the filter. Pour the water on the coffee.

Michalis and Scotsman have collaborated on a booklet called Coffee Inspirations, which examines the different varieties of cold coffee beverages and explains which type of ice would be best for different drink types. It also contains a variety of coffee inspired recipes to give your business some COFFEE INSPIRATION… Download the recipe book here >>>


Coffee Negroni from Scotsman


Nugget IceDice Ice

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